What John and Cait Ate: No Small Potatoes Here!

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

-Yogi Berra

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it…and try these concessions!”

-John & Cait

This week in What John and Cait Ate:

Baked Potatoes

During each homestand, we will be meeting with John DiMartini, Executive Chef at Delaware North Sportservice/Miller Park to sample some of the latest and greatest Miller Park fare and review it here, for you.

This week, we played hot potato, as Chef John treated us to selections from the Baked Potato Stand. Located on each level at Miller Park, the Baked Potato stands boast four different types of potatoes: Bases Loaded, Broccoli Cheese, BBQ Brisket and Chipotle Chicken.

Read on for a description, photos and reviews!

Baked Potatoes-$6.75

John: I walk by this stand probably three to four times a day and I have never stopped to try anything. Baked potatoes might seem like a “side” item or just an extra, but the Chipotle Chicken baked potato was a full meal. It started with a regular baked potato and then was topped with shredded chipotle chicken. The next layer was a scoop of salsa, then cheese and finally sour cream. It ended up looking and tasting like a burrito wrapped around a potato instead of a tortilla. It was a lot of food and at just $6.75, it is probably one of the best bargains at Miller Park.  A key to this was that the potato was piping hot and stayed warm for the entire time it took me to eat this.

John tried the Chipotle Chicken potato, made with chipotle chicken, pico de gallo, shredded cheese, sour cream and chives.

Cait: The baked potatoes are easily my favorite ballpark meal. Yes, that’s right–while baked potatoes are usually side dish in my household, the ones at Miller Park are no small potatoes. At just $6.75 each, these Idaho potatoes are a bargain. They’re ginormous and, when topped with a protein like the Chipotle Chicken or BBQ Brisket, definitely make a hearty meal, or at least a great snack to share with a friend. The Chipotle Chicken has been my go-to for the past couple of years, so I decided to try this season’s new offering, the BBQ Brisket. As you can see from the photo, this potato includes generous servings of brisket, cheese and sour cream and is drizzled with a special horseradish sour cream on top of that (which is not very spicy, in case you’re wondering).  The effect is nothing short of amazing, but I still think that my favorite is the Chipotle Chicken.

Cait tried the BBQ Brisket potato, made with smoked BBQ brisket, shredded cheese, horseradish sour cream, and chives.

There were two baked potatoes that we did not sample for this review: The Bases Loaded, which contains butter, bacon, shredded cheese, sour cream, and chives; and the Broccoli Cheese, which, as the name suggests, is made with melted cheese and broccoli. Chef John tells us the Bases Loaded is the most popular of all of the potato types amongst Brewers fans.


(out of 5)

Where To Satisfy Your Craving: These Baked Potatoes can be found at stands located on the Field Level (Section 125), Loge Level (Section 214), Club Level (Section 337) and Terrace Level (Section 431).

What about you? Do you have a favorite ballpark snack? Want to dispute our reviews? A question about concessions? Something you’d like to see featured here? Post your comments below!

We’ll be back with another edition of What John and Cait Ate during the next homestand and until then, stay cool and…Bon Appetit!

-John and Cait


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