Brewers Debut Fourth Aaron Rodgers Spot

Right before Opening Day, we debuted our 2012 TV spots and let you know that there would be four additional spots featuring Packers MVP Quarterback Aaron Rodgers released throughout the season.

If you’ve been following along, you know that the spots follow Aaron along as he tries to score a spot on our roster during Spring Training.

So far, Aaron’s been showing off his pitching skills. However, his unusual delivery (“Three-Step Drop”),  distracting jewelry (“Glare”)  and, most recently, incessant phone calls while on the mound (“Bad Reception”) have hurt his chances. [Note: You can even listen to some of Aaron’s voicemails here.]

In the current spot (“Best Guy”), released today,  Aaron decides to showcase his hitting prowess.  Take a look:

The final  Rodgers spot will be released in a couple of weeks–so look for the conclusion this story here on John and Cait…Plus 9! In the meantime, you can view the rest of the 2012 TV spots here.

Again, it was a fun TV shoot and we’re very proud of the finished product. Kudos to 2-Story Creative and Metaphystico for their great work! We hope you like the spots as much as we enjoyed working on them!



Pretty funny…It’s good to see the two biggest stars in Wisconsin working together…Now let’s bring home another championship men….

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I think that its neat to showcase the two new breed of orifessionals of our state!!! Its a really funny clip and I think that it shows the class of our teams here in wisconsin

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