Chef’s Table for the Twins Series

The Brewers welcome their interleague rival the Twins to Miller Park for a three game weekend set beginning tonight.  The state of Minnesota is known as the “Land of Lakes”–even though Wisconsin has more lakes than Minnesota, but who’s counting–and for the Chef’s Table this weekend a Cajun Walleye Reuben sandwich will be served.  Walleye is perhaps the most popular freshwater fish in the Northern United States and also happens to be the official state fish of Minnesota.

Seared on a cast iron griddle right in front of you and served made to order, the sandwich is presented on rye bread with swiss cheese.  The house made chips–which are very delicious–are also a part of the plate.

The Cajun Walleye Reuben

The Cajun Walleye Reuben

Chef's Table Menu for the Minnesota series.

Chef’s Table Menu for the Minnesota series.

The sandwich can be yours for $9.25 and is served as always outside section 215.  It will be available throughout the weekend series against the Twins.

UPDATE: This sandwich has been getting rave reviews from everyone and today, I tried it along with my interns, Dan, Dushan and Kelsey.  This sandwich was definitely a home run.


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