Mystery Guest at Camp Today

We’ve got a special guest with us down in Spring Training today!

Any guesses?

Hint: Yes, Martin Maldonado is still #12 on our roster, but it’s not him…




I’m guessing Mr Rodgers from Green Bay

Terry Bradshaw.

I suppose there is a current quarterback who also wears #12 … but no, it’s probably Terry Bradshaw.

Lynn Dickey?


Aaron Rodgers!!!

Aaron Rogers

Why’s Tom Brady coming over?

Aaron rodgers

I’m going to guess Mr. Rodgers is in the neighborhood.

aaron rodgers

YAY go Aaron Rodgers!! It’s gotta be him!

Aaron Rodgers🙂

Aaron Rodgers!!


Ryan Braun’s friend, Aaron Rodgers..

T.J. Rubley

Larry Haney

Aaron Rodgers, one of Ryan Braun’s best friends.

Gotta be the other MVP – A-Rodg

Aaron Rodgers!!!

I don’t know, but I am guessing he would be able to tell me how to properly wear a WWE Title belt and could probably get me a Discount Double Check*motions on waist*

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