Statement on Ryan Braun by Brewers Chairman and Principal Owner Mark Attanasio

The following statement was issued tonight by Chairman and Principal Owner Mark Attanasio on behalf of the Milwaukee Brewers:

“Since joining our organization in 2005, Ryan Braun has been a model citizen and a person of character and integrity. Knowing Ryan as I do, I always believed he would succeed in his appeal.

“I also want to reiterate my support for Major League Baseball’s strict substance testing program. It is unfortunate that the confidentiality of the program was compromised, and we thank our fans and everyone who supported Ryan and did not rush to judgment.

“The team is looking forward to seeing Ryan in camp tomorrow. With this now behind us, we return our focus to the ballpark and defending our NL Central Division title.


mark attansio the best ever happened to the milwaukee brewers PERIOD he broutght the team around and for that i will always always always love him for that

I am very happy for Ryan and pray all goes well for him in the future. Repeat MVP

ya know ryan braun was the one that had to wait on these decisions…and now they really no what happened….Is this person still wmployed with the company that does the testing? Really come on things need to be done right or get out…go ryan.

Congratulations to Ryan. The ruling made me and I am sure a lot of Brewer Fans happy. My friend called me at work and told me and I had an uncontrolable burst of joy. People thought I was crazy. Happiness is not easy to control. I am very happy for the BREWERS and RYAN.

Braun beat the system. I personally think he took something.. but thats how this society works. Glad to have play the whole season. He just better be careful moving forward. IF he gets caught again for anything like this.. Guilty all the way.

Nothing like backing your players and fans.

Amen! Great news!

Thanks MLB for making the correct decision on Brauny’s case. It puts them in a little of a bad light but it is the right decision. And Mr Attanasio is the best thing that has ever happened to the Brewers. He has a vision and has turned the Brewers into a great team. He is also an incredible person. He takes the time for the fans. I walked with hime into a Packers game. He shook my hand and walked and talked to my Father in Law and I till he got to his box. Most others would shrug you off. Very sincere, polite and appreciative of the fans. Thanks Mark Attonasio!!!

brewers fans will not be very happy this year. Fielders gone, and 2 things about Braun…he won’t get a lot of good pitches to hit without Fielder hitting behind him and his power will be diminished with out his roids…expect a line like 260-21-88

I think there will be still nagging voices that Braun will always have to deal with. He will always have to deal with the issue that although the chain of custody was broken with the delivery of the sample, the seal was not broken when the sample reached the lab as well as the fact that the sample contained synthetic testosterone. I hope that he can continue to have a positive career and put this behind him.

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