Getting to Know Your 2012 MLB Fan Cave Fandidates

Late last week, I wrote about how MLB revealed the top 50 fans vying to be a contestant in the 2012 MLB Fan Cave–including two Brewers candidates (or FANdidates, as I like to call them),  Kurt Peter and Stephen Sievwright.

Now through Wednesday, February 22, fans can view video submissions from all 50 applicants on and vote for their favorites. 

Based on fan voting, quality of the original submissions, and the ability of the contestants to generate buzz and interest in their campaigns, MLB will narrow the field to 30 finalists who will then earn a trip to Spring Training in Arizona at the end of February, where they will compete in a variety of challenges to determine the final group of contestants.

These winners will begin the season in the MLB Fan Cave in New York City with the goal of watching all 2,430 MLB games on a large wall of big screen Sony televisions while chronicling their experiences online through videos, blogs, and social media. Along the way, they will compete with one another over the course of the season in a series of challenges, with fans online helping decide who gets to stay in the Fan Cave and who gets eliminated with one eventual winner crowned before the end of the World Series.

 All 50 finalists have been hard at work rocking the vote since the announcement was made and this morning, I had the chance to catch up with these gentlemen so I can give you a little background on why you should, as always–VOTE BREWERS!

Kurt Peter 

Kurt Peter, a native of Elm Grove, Wisconsin, is a 23-year-old assistant athletic director at a local high school. He’s been a Brewers fan for as long as he can remember, even though his brother was a Braves fan growing up and he sometimes faced peer pressure to change allegiances.

Kurt believes fans should vote for him because, “I have a good personality, I love the game of baseball and I will ask the questions that some people might not,” he said, referring to the Fan Cave participants’ opportunities to interview players and celebrities throughout the season. Though he assures me he’s a Brewers fan, he’s most looking forward to the possibility of meeting Texas Rangers LHP Derek Holland.

Kurt has never been to Arizona to see the Brewers in Spring Training but was planning a trip to go out to Arizona for the first time this year; however, now he hopes that trip will be as one of the Top 30 contestants for the MLB Fan Cave. To get there, he’s got to campaign hard and so far, he’s been able to garner a good buzz, primarily through Twitter and YouTube (click here to watch some of Kurt’s mini videos). It also helps that he works at a high school; all of the students know about his quest and have been helping him get the word out.

If he’s lucky enough to make it to the actual Fan Cave in New York, he’s not scared of the city (though he’s been there only once) or the prospect of living with 5-7 others for the season. “I’d be fine with it,” Kurt said, “I mean, they’re hardly strangers at this point. We’ve all connected since the announcement and we’re helping each other.” Click here to vote for Kurt. Also, follow him on Twitter: @FalconKP.

Stephen Sievwright 

Stephen Sievwright is a 28-year-old student from Stevens Point, Wisconsin. He’s been a Brewers fan since he was nine years old and took his first trip to County Stadium. It’s a memory that is still very vivid to him as he remembers getting to meet pitcher Jaime Navarro.

Stephen has a self-proclaimed dry sense of humor, which really comes through in his video essay. He feels he is best suited to represent the Brewers fan base in the Fan Cave because he takes it so passionately. “I will be watching every game whether it’s in Stevens Point or New York,” he told me. He also told me that he wants fans to know that he’s just a “normal guy from a really small town.”

Indeed, this process has given Stephen a new perspective on some things. “I was reading an article recently that said that Stevens Point has the best tasting tap water in all of the United States. It pointed out how the water came from a ‘tiny town of 25,000’,” he said. “I hadn’t really thought of it that way before, but when you compare it to a place like New York, it would certainly be interesting for me to be transplanted into a place of over 8 million people!”

Stephen has never been to New York before, nor has he been to see the Brewers in Spring Training, but he’s hoping that he’ll get to do both things this year if he remains in the running for the Fan Cave. He’s also hoping that Brewers closer John Axford will pay another visit to the Cave as that is the person he’s most looking forward to meeting.

When I asked him about his campaign strategy, he answered in his typical dry sense of humor style by saying, “Well, I just concluded an interview with the local paper. So we know that goes out to 25,000 people…oh, and I’ve got my sister locked away in a closet, voting and hitting refresh all day.” Click here to vote for Stephen. Also, follow him on Twitter: @Siev27.

So there you have it! The two Brewers Fandidates for the 2012 MLB Fan Cave.

Are you still here? Stop reading and go vote for Kurt and Stephen!



Fan cave would be a complete dream. So would Ryan Braun not being suspended. Get the inside scoop here, from a source with knowledge of the situation.

Nice article! My vote goes to Ben Christensen, but it’s awesome to see so many awesome people competing for a great dream.

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