Statement from Milwaukee Brewers Chairman and Principal Owner Mark Attanasio

The following statement was issued today by Chairman and Principal Owner Mark Attanasio on behalf of the Milwaukee Brewers:

“In working through the logistics of this weekend’s Brewers On Deck event in Milwaukee with Ryan Braun—and knowing how much he enjoys interacting candidly with Brewers fans—we came to the conclusion that this is too sensitive of a time in the confidential process for him to attend this year.

“I speak for everyone at the Brewers, including Ryan, in thanking our fans for their understanding and patience.”



I fully respect this decision, as too much emphasis would be displayed by many fans on the “challenge” Ryan is facing right now… there needs to be NO EXTRA drama in all of this… People should not come to any conclusions without knowing the truth and ALL the facts, whatever they may be … Ryan is a great baseball player, and a terrific representation of our team, and the state of WI. Thank you for letting us fans know, Mr. Attanasio… GO BREWERS!

I totally respect this. It would be awkward for everyone there. We love RB and look forward to seeing him in the new season.

In all due respect, I believe Ryan should attend. This would give his fans the opportunity to show him love. Not attending might make him look guilty which we know he’s not.

Its ok. I know Braunie is going threw a difficult time. Im with him even if he does get suspended. He decided to stay with the Brewers even though he could of got more $ somewhere else. He was loyal to Milwaukee so now im going to be loyal to him. Keep your chin up Braunie.

Good Decision. Neither we nor the Brewers or Ryan need the drama at this stage.

I respect this but am disappointed. I believe in Ryan and that will not change. Was hoping this would all be over and we could get on with the 2012 season. I wanted the chance to get his autograph and at the very least get his picture. But I will have all season to do this. I will also wear the #8 shirt I have to show support. I don’t have a jersey yet, but I will by Season Opener!!!! Brewers All The Way!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that is a very good decision and we will see Ryan on opening day. We believe in you Ryan.

i agree with the decision but ryan has my total support he will get loud cheers no matter when he plays

Whatever is best for Braun, caring fans understand. Best of luck to him in the appeal!

Because This is a VERY Delicate Situation At this Time. There Simply is no need for even the potential of any kind of excess Drama or, an Incident created by Whomever…This was a smart Business decision on the behalf of the Brewers and by Braun. I truly Believe this is all going to work out and, that the National League MVP will be playing in Left field on Opening Day for the Brewers! It’s going to be a great Season!

We love you Ryan…stand by you all the way!

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