Statement Regarding Ryan Braun

The following statement was issued tonight by Chairman and Principal Owner Mark Attanasio on behalf of the Milwaukee Brewers:

Ryan Braun has been a model citizen in every sense of the word, both in the Milwaukee community and for the Brewers.  Since joining our organization in 2005, he has been a person of character and integrity.

“MLB has put a confidential testing program into place, which I personally support, that has a specific review process that must be followed before determining whether a player is in violation.  Ryan has issued a statement that there are highly unusual circumstances surrounding this case that will support his complete innocence and demonstrate that there was absolutely no intentional violation of the program.  We are dealing with an incomplete set of facts and speculation.  Before there is a rush to judgment, Ryan deserves the right to be heard.  We are committed to supporting Ryan to get to the truth of what happened in this unfortunate situation.

“As a father, I take the use of prohibited substances seriously, because I know the effects they can have on the body and on a person’s life.  I want the Milwaukee community to know that we support drug testing not only because it is MLB policy but because it is the right thing to do.

“I need to acknowledge that at this point the Milwaukee Brewers have not heard from the Office of the Commissioner or any official entity related to the MLB testing programs.  Accordingly we do not have access to any of the facts or knowledge of any of the circumstances that are being circulated in the media with regard to Ryan Braun.  The team will release follow-up statements at the appropriate time.”


I am a big brewer fan and i hope he is innocent of using enhancing drugs but if he is guilty he lost my respect and to be fair they should take his national league MVP award away but I hope that he can prove his innocence

For a guy as smart and careful as Braun, this is hard to swallow. With Fielder as good as gone and posibly a 50 game suspension, Milwaukee’s loyal fan base is getting beat like a rented mule. For the True Blue Brew Crew, Braun is a hero to many, the proof will be in his power numbers after this is over.

Travis, the NL MVP is the property of the BBWAA, not MLB. What MLB does to him has no bearing on the viability of the award, and they have never re-voted on an award.

That being said, I really hope people reserve their judgments until the process has run its course.

I support you 100% Braun. Rather you did or did not do it…You’re going to make mistakes here and there! All you can do is be the person you can be and learn from the mistakes!!

All I can say is that if he is 100% innocent, I will feel so guilty to have judged him so quickly. If he is guilty, I never want to see him play again. I can not imagine what it is like to be him right now. I will try to keep an open mind, and pray that he is found innocent, and that his reputation is not tarnished!

I think someone set Ryan up because he was the MVP last year and someone is taking advanage of Ryan just because he is get millions of dollars in his contracts.

Stay in school, bro.

I hope that this isn’t true. He is one of the reasons that baseball is relevant in Wisconsin again.

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I hope he is innocent because the brewers need him!!

This doesn’t sound like Braun at all…I really hope that he can get through this. Braun is one of the most honest players in the league.

I likewise await confirmation and assume innocence until guilt is established (the burden is on MLB and there testing process and any due process hearings).

I am a Cubs fan, don’t laugh please. I recall how disappointed I was when Sammy Sosa was caught with the corked bat and his name was mentioned as someone who may have used performance enhancing substances. I like Ryan Braun, he hustles and plays the game hard, and I was pleased he won the MVP Award, so I want to give him the benefit of the doubt. Until it’s proven otherwise I support him and his teams’ stance on the situation.
I find it ironic that players, known to use illegal substances such as Bonds and Manny Ramirez are actually seeking a way back into baseball. Both have proven to be phoney athletics, this is not the case with Ryan.

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I support Ryan 100% and the Brewers. As fans we will survive!!!!

I support Ryan Braun. Lets here his side of the story before any judgement is called. Will all of you apologize when the truth comes out !!!

lets all wait to see the facts of this situation before judging the guy who brought us so many enjoyable games of baseball. Still a Brauny fan until I am showed proof of his guilt.

We love you Ryan and the truth is yours.

Braun is my son’s idol! We live in Illinois and he wears Braun’s jersey at least once a week to school. He is a proud Brewers fan! I hope that he is innocent as I don’t want my son’s heart to be broken.

As a professional athlete, one can not go out to resturants, eat or drink at sports bars, be anywhere at all where a drink could be spiked or food be spiked. It is a sad situation for the athletes. If he admits to taking PED’s, different story. Our team line up. N. Morgan, The fast guy in Center field who can’t hit, Cory Hart, Ricky Weeks (who cant hit for average, never could, then four guys we do not no about in the 5-8 hole. (except for catching). The line up will be a joke. Y. Betencourt will be one of our biggest threats.

I will not rush to judgement. If he is quilty, we will know soon enough. If there is an innocent explanation, we will know that as well. I hope for the sake of the children who call him their hero that there has been some kind of mistake and he IS innocent.

Somehow, I don’t feel Braun engaged in any wrongdoing. We shall see.

Wish whoever decided to leak this information instead of following the process as laid out by MLB gets a swift kick in the fanny! Question for those who might know: aren’t there drugs that would “show” as testosterone/steroid that are NOT PEDs? Like maybe oral prednisone for an allergy treatment or for treating an inflamed shoulder or other joint?

I REALLY REALLY hope that this is NOT true. Innocent til proven guilty but I will really be disappointed if it comes to be true. Braun at this point I still have faith in you may you be the first player to successfully fight a 50 game suspension with arbitration.🙂

Wouldn’t it be nice if the media didn’t splash this type of story across the world until they actually have some facts.

Personally, I don’t think he is guilty. But I didn’t think Yount would have taken steroids, either, but look at him…Just let the insanity stop; go back to the good old days when baseball was played during the day; when the game was played with integrity; without the use of enhancements; either you were a good player or you weren’t; when not everyone made the team…Do atheletes really NEED millions of $ to play a game? does anyone really NEED millions of $?

Ryan Brayn has a clean drug testing history throughout his career in the league and I personally cant see why that would change now. I, for one, am going to wait to hear the full story before I pass any judgments.

We need a press release from MLB not media leaks that have made the headlines. I for one believe in Ryan and will wait until the facts are clearly presented that clear him of any substance violation.

I really hope Ryan is innocent.

Bad for all of baseball.

Amen Mark!

The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel is a horrible newspaper. From the way it misleads people with politics, to the way it covers stories like this.

He is innocent until proven guilty people…..I have faith in you Brauny!

Brauny will be found innocent, not worried. He is a stand up guy on and off the field and always has been. My Son loves Braun and wore his Braun Jersey to school today to support his idol. He said “Mom, if he wouldn’t have won the MVP they would have never made this up or cared” Love that my Son believes in him until it’s proven.

If he’s innocent, then Alleluia! If he’s guilty, time to find another team.

It really is sad to see folks so fast to pass judgement before they get all the facts. I’m sure that what ever the circumstances are Ryan had no intentions of breaking any rules. I think that Ryan wouldn’t let himself down like that, much less all of us fans!

Ryan is innocent in my book……….if they found some type of drug, I’m sure it was a legal allergy med or something to that fact. Geesh, seems like the good always gets hit in the behind for no reason at all!!

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