A letter from Chairman and Principal Owner Mark Attanasio

This morning, Brewers Chairman and Principal Owner Mark Attanasio issued a letter to Brewers fans via brewers.com and in the Sports section of today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. 

To read the letter in its entirety, please click here.

Go Brewers!

-John and Cait



Mark and Cait,
Thank you for bringing the excitement of real baseball back to our city and giving us all a much needed diversion from reality throughout the season. Once again, our Brewers have made us so proud and defined the concept of “team”. What I saw was a team that coached and inspired itself. Regarding the coach, RR, I think he gave it away. He continually let STL (and prior games) score instead of pulling the pitcher. It destroyed the morale of the team and it was beyond frustrating for the fans to watch.
Prince, we all love him….he’s a star….but he’s only a part of that great team. If he feels he needs to leave, bye-bye. Re: Baseball Academy in DR: I do not support this. Don’t expect to keep the kids in the US interested when you do that! (Or their parents!) That really angers me…how American is that????

You’re the man, Mark. Thanks for everything!!

Thank you Mark. You have transformed the Brewers into quite a competitive team.
Mark Maslowski from Stevens Point, Nicole Kinateder’s cousin.

John & Cait, congrats on top-two ranking in October Latest Leaders across MLB.com/blogs! Just posted leaders at http://mlblogs.mlblogs.com


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