Braun and Fielder Prepare Their MVP Resumes

I just thought I would share something that Brewers Media Relations Director Mike Vassallo and the Brewers Media Relations Department put together to help showcase Milwaukee’s two MVP candidates, Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder.  Both have had fantastic seasons and deserve all the support and recognition.  These two resumes were sent out to National media that vote on the MVP award.  Best of luck to both Ryan and Prince!  Here are their two resumes, maybe Brewers fans can help spread the word by showing these off and passing them around?

Ryan Braun MVP Resume

Prince Fielder MVP Resume

Enjoy game 162! Let’s hope for a Brewers win tonight and 11 more Brewers wins in October!



Just wow! So glad to be a Brewer fan!

Nice, except the link to Braun’s facebook page is missing a .com.

This is totally picky of me, but I think PR folks should be more on top of it…

the Resume skips between first and third person. Some entries are written as though Braun is saying them himself, some are written as though someone is saying them about Braun.

“For the second time in my career….” is first person
“Is batting .344 with 8 HR…” is third person

Wish they’d fix that

When Braun wins it he should break the trophy in half and give the other to Prince. Go Crew.

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