One Hot Ticket: Catching Up with Derrick Iseler

Today, I caught up with Derrick Iseler of Security Insurance Services.

Don’t know Derrick? If you’re a Season Seat Holder, take a look at your ticket stub from Friday night’s game against the Marlins. You know, the game where we clinched our first division title in 29 years? That’s him.

For the rest of you, Derrick was the Season Seat Holder who won one of this year’s Fan-Tastic 40 prizes: to have his photo printed on one of our season tickets.

He’s also the guy who predicted, back on February 7, 2011, that the 2011 Brewers would be leading the division on September 23, 2011, the game he chose for his photo to grace the ticket.

Why September 23? September 23 was the date of his 33rd wedding anniversary to his wife, Cyndi.

“That works out great, we’ll celebrate at the ballpark,” Derrick said at the time, “and the Brewers will be leading the division then, or they’ll be right there!”

Needless to say, his prediction came true—and then some—and Derrick and his wife had a very happy anniversary celebration—complete with a little champagne!

Derrick’s company, Security Insurance Services, has been a Season Seat Holder since 1979 and before Derrick was a Season Seat Holder through his business, he was one of the Brewers original Season Seat Holders, signing on with the Club in 1970.

That means Derrick has been with the Club longer than he’s been married to his wife and that also means that Derrick has seen the Club through a lot, but, he says, nothing compares to what he, his wife and friends and family–who had all gotten together to tailgate before the game— and a crowd of 44,584 witnessed on Friday night.

“I think that will be my greatest memory of all time because of the chemistry of this team, the way they celebrated on the field, how they sprayed the fans with champagne…I even got hit in the foot with a cork!” Derrick said.

Although Derrick says he has been teased quite a bit by friends and family about being on the ticket, he made sure to tell me several times:

“It was just a wonderful opportunity. I want to make sure to thank the organization for everything. It was great.”

And we’re grateful for fans like Derrick, who come out to support the team year after year—that’s one of the reasons we designed the Fan-Tastic 40 program in the first place, to reward our Season Seat Holders for their exceptional support.

Before we ended our call, I just had to ask:

“Derrick, you had quite the prophecy back in February….care to make any other predictions for us?” I asked.

“Yes. World Series here we come!” he said.

Now wouldn’t that be just the ticket?  We’ll have to wait and see!



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