We Love…Bridget’s Entry!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve received hundreds of entries filled with thousands of things you love about Miller Park. Then, our judges narrowed them down to six for a final vote – and the results are in!

The grand prize winner of our “What Do You Love About Miller Park?” contest is Bridget Balogh from Menasha! We’re sending her back out to Miller Park again and again on us with a pair of 20-Game ticket packages for the 2012 season! The other five finalists also received fantastic prizes.

Bridget’s winning entry highlighted her 3-year-old daughter, Maggie, enjoying her first hot dog at Miller Park.

I caught up with Bridget last week and asked her how it felt to be the winner.

“Excellent! We are thrilled!” she said.

“What made you enter the contest?” I asked.

“I felt like Maggie’s picture really captured the spirit of watching a game at Miller Park and I loved the idea of getting to go to more Brewers games next year!” said Bridget.

Bridget grew up as a Brewers fan; as a child, she was a member of the then-Pepsi Fan Club and even recalls attending a World Series game in 1982.

“I was eight and very short compared to all the adults around me. I remember my dad letting me stand on my seat so I could see. We won that day; it was very exciting!”

Bridget was also fan of Paul Molitor and admits that she had a framed photo of him in her edroom for years growing up.

While County Stadium holds a special place in Bridget’s heart with her childhood memories, what she loves most now is being able to bring her own children [Henry (8), Jack (6) and Maggie (3)] to Miller Park with her husband, Dan, and making new memories together as a family.

“The excitement in their eyes as they take in the park, the crowd, Bernie Brewer, is priceless,” Bridget wrote in her entry.

While Molitor will always be her all-time favorite player, Bridget notes that Prince Fielder is the family’s current favorite player and that they enjoyed watching him in the Home Run Derby this year.

The Balogh family lives in Menasha which is a couple of hours away, so in the past, they have only made it to one or two Brewers game a year. Now, however, with their 20-game packages, they are looking forward to attending many more games in 2012.

“I am so excited and so is the rest of my family.  I promised my daughter that she will get to go to the first game with me,” Bridget said.

That seems fair–afterall, it was Maggie’s photo who captured the hearts of Brewers fans everywhere as they picked her as the winner of the contest.

Congratulations to Bridget and thank you to everyone else who participated in the contest, either through submitting entries or voting.  The outpouring of love for the place that Ryan, Prince, Bridget and the rest of us call home was phenomenal!

We love you all!



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Miller Park will truly be a gem for October baseball!!

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