What John Loves About Miller Park

I sometimes joke that some game days here at Miller Park can feel like three days in one.  There is the first part of the day where a lot of my office work and game preparation takes place. The second part of the day includes taking care of some player interviews, pregame media availability and batting practice.  The third part of the day is the game itself.

For that reason, I’m breaking the rules (just like Cait said, we are not eligible to win anyway, I guess there are no rules for us!) a little bit for the “What Do You Love About Miller Park” promotion.  I’m giving you three things I love about Miller Park.  I might also go over 100 words on each entry but again, the rules need not apply.  I’m doing this in the spirit of “What I Love About Miller Park.”


After each Brewers win, I coordinate with Cory Provus on a postgame guest for the Brewers Postgame Show on WTMJ-AM and the Brewers Radio Network.  He normally sends me one or two names in the eighth or ninth inning and I will grab one guy and bring them to this small, nondescript room just outside the Brewers clubhouse.  I give the player we choose a couple of minutes to change and catch his breath after the game ends before taking him over.

Media Room B

Players will sit in that chair with the headset on for their postgame interviews with Cory Provus. There really isn't much to it!

When we get to the room, the player will put on a headset and Cory conducts the interview from the WTMJ Radio booth in the press box.  The interview room itself has all black walls, a couple of chairs, and some photo equipment.  The room is always cold.  Why would I love such a small room with no character that no one ever sees?  Because every time I am in that room after a game, it means we have won and I love winning!


I have been fortunate enough to watch over 500 Brewers games during the past six and a half seasons from a pretty good seat.  Although I do miss sitting with my dad or friends in the stands and watching the game like a real fan (I still might sneak down for an inning here or there), there is something about the press box that I have grown to love.

PR Crew

Here is a picture from my spot in the Press Box with my Brewers and Reds Media Relations counterparts. From left to right: Jamey Ramsey, Rob Butcher, Mike Vassallo, myself and Ken Spindler

Miller Park’s Press Box is great.  It is at the perfect level and I can see pretty much everything.  Additionally, there is a special sense of community in the press box.  It is mostly the same group of media every game and it is always nice when we have a special guest.  I love trading stories with my PR counterparts from the visiting teams during games.  I love when friends stop by to say hello.  I love being able to reach over the wall and almost grab cotton candy from the vendors.  I love when foul balls come up and put a hole in the wall (if you have ever been on a tour of Miller Park, you know what I’m talking about).  It becomes like a second home during the season and for that, I love it.


One of my favorite parts of my day is batting practice.  It normally begins around 4:15 p.m. (for a 7 p.m. game) with manager Ron Roenicke’s meeting with the media.  I enjoy sitting in on these sessions and hearing what is going on with the team.  It is also a nice time to check in with our local media see what they are working on and help them if they need anything.

Media Scrum

Ron Roenicke addresses the media in his daily briefing with the Brewers media corps.

It is a good time also to catch up with players from the opposing team.   Sometimes, Brewers Executive Vice President and General Manager Doug Melvin stops down and it is always nice to get his take on things.  Doug has some great ideas and he can get quite candid in those informal media sessions during batting practice.

I look forward to seeing all of your entries in the “What Do You Love About Miller Park” promotion.  Get your entries in soon, time is running out!






I love Miller park. Driving from the west coast of Wisconsin (La Crosse), I know when i arrive, no matter the wheather, I know I will get to enjoy Brewer baseball! I love the ROOF!

Having been born in Miwaukee. I have always known it to be home to the Brewers and outdoor baseball. I like it because it’s a great place to enjoy America’s favorite Summer past time. Miller Park’s best part is that it is family friendly and has something for the whole family! That’s why “I LIKE Miller Park!!!”

The roof, roof, roof, roof, roof… Living in the Wausau area we can plan a day trip in advance to watch our beloved Brewers and not worry about the weather spoiling it. I’ve also been there on some pretty hot afternoons when they’ve closed the roof for shade, which was soooooo cool(ing).

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