Official T. Plush Brewers Jersey T-Shirts on Sale Now at Miller Park

In a short amount of time, Nyjer Morgan has not only made a splash on the field for the Brewers, but he has quickly become a fan favorite in Milwaukee.  He gets game winning hits (and follows it up with priceless postgame interviews) and he tweets as his alter-ego “Tony Plush.”  He plays hard every play and he has an electric personality.

Brewers fans can now join “Plush Nation” by taking home an official T. Plush #2 Brewers jersey t-shirt.  Available now exclusively to the Brewers Team Store by Majestic at Miller Park, the shirt sells for $30 and Morgan (and Plush) are very excited about it.

Nyjer Morgan shows off his T. Plush t-shirt.

Nyjer Morgan shows off his T. Plush t-shirt.

“Tony loves the smooth look of this shirt,” Morgan said.  “I just can’t wait to see Plush Nation wearing these shirts at Miller Park and on the road and throwing up their ‘T’s’ for Plush.  Take no imitators, this is the real deal.”

The black shirt comes in adult sizes and features the Brewers script on the front along with an airbrush-like “T. Plush 2” design on the back.  This shirt is a definite “must have” for any Brewers fan.

Knowing the popularity of Morgan, I can imagine these t-shirts will be quite popular.  I even caught a couple of players walking around the clubhouse wearing the T. Plush shirt earlier this afternoon!

T. Plush shirt

These shirts are a new addition to the other new Brewers jersey t-shirts that  have been on sale at Miller Park since the beginning of the year (see my previous post from March on the shirts).



$30?! Love Nyjer Morgan, but clearly this is a joke that’s been carried too far.

30$ is nothing for a miller park item. Same price as all the other t-shirt jerseys they sell! I want one!

They used to be available online for $20 before Plush blew up and Majestic got the rights to the shirts. Capitalism at its finest, I say. Still loves me some Plush, though.

any chance these will be available online sometime soon?

you can call Miller Park Club house store at the stadium and order one, they ship!!!

Any way to order this. The park is pretty far from me…

Love this. Happy to promote at!

Definitely if you could let us know when we can order this online it would be appreciate it. I am an out of state Brewers fan that only makes it to Miller Park a few times a year.

Please, does aybody know is there anywhere online we can order them?

Joke to some, serious to others! I love Nyjer, he is exciting, full of fun and brings it every night whether or not he is playing. I hope these will be online for sale soon!

I looked for these on Sunday, but couldn’t find any. I realize it’s tough for any organization to properly estimate demand (who wants to get stuck with a bunch of merchandise if they didn’t sell)? Hopefully, they’ll have them back in stock by next game.

They should have them available on, though. I don’t get that.

Want one bad…hope they have them yet when we come to Milwaukee in August.

thats why wisco is poor you spend your money on garbage

anywhere online to get them?

I want one! Can you get it on line??

can you order on line

Certainly hope some of the proceeds from these shirts go towards gang alternatives and tagging alternatives. Nothing like popularizing tagging – sheesh!

there not at the team store

Love this shirt im gonna get on next time igo to the brewers game this month

i think they should be avaliable on line….you would think that would be plushtemental wouldn’t you? haha

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Call the Miller Park Fan Store and you can order over the phone and they will ship to you…I just ordered one and I am a Brewers fan living in SLC, Utah

Put em online and you’ll sell out… Ahh

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we ure would like a plush t shirt

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