A Nice Roof Over Our Head

Any resident of Milwaukee can tell you that with the constantly changing weather conditions in this area, you never know what to expect.  It could be 85 degrees and sunny in Brookfield, but 60 and foggy on the East Side.

Along with that uncertainty about the weather, comes some uncertainty about the roof at Miller Park.  We often get phone calls and e-mails about the status of the Miller Park roof for games.  Will it be open?  Will it be closed?  What should I wear?

Beginning yesterday, the Brewers opened up a toll-free hotline for fans that is updated to give information on the status of the Miller Park roof that will be updated on a daily basis.  Brewers Senior Director – Stadium Operations Bob Hallas will update the status of the roof on the hotline.  He said he plans on having the status for a night game by noon and for a day game, he hopes to have the hotline updated by 10 a.m.  Of course, as weather changes, Hallas will keep the hotline updated with new information that will serve as a guideline for fans.

The hotline number is as follows:



There are also plans in the works to have brewers.com updated to reflect such changes in the roof position.  We will keep you updated on those developments as they are implemented.




Why not just do a live feed of the roof, and only the roof, on game days? That way people can see it opening and closing also.

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