Brewers Road Crew heads to Chicago and Boston, are you making the trip!?

The Brewers are looking to close out their six-game homestand on a winning note this afternoon at Miller Park.  Following the game, the team will board busses that will take them to Chicago to begin a seven-game road trip tomorrow.

The team will play four games in Chicago against their Central Division rival, the Cubs, before kicking off Interleague play in Boston against the Red Sox with three games next weekend.  This road trip will see the Brewers take a step back in history and play in Major League Baseball’s two oldest stadiums, Wrigley Field in Chicago, built in 1914 and Fenway Park in Boston, built in 1912.

From what I have seen in my travels with the team over the last six seasons, Brewers fans love to travel.  Every city we go to, there are Brewers fans making their presence felt, and, in talking to players and coaches, they notice and appreciate the support while away from Miller Park.

Nothing is better than seeing true Brewers fans hanging out before games during batting practice, cheering on the team after a Brewers road win and walking the streets in whatever city we are in (Sidenote: Brewers fans, and Wisconsin sports fans in general, are always decked out in their team gear.  It’s unreal.  I don’t know if any state in the United States of America has as much team gear as Wisconsin does.  There is no doubt that Wisconsin sports fans die for wearing team apparel while supporting their team on the road.).

Summer is now in full swing and I know from hearing people talk, that the Brewers will be well supported in Chicago and Boston with fans planning on making the trip.  Chicago is just a short drive from Milwaukee and always has a number of Brewers fans in the crowd.  Boston is a historic place that Brewers fans don’t get to visit too often.  Both places will be great for the Brewers Road Crew.

I will be on the road trip with the team and I will be looking for Brewers fans in both cities.  If you plan on going to the games, send us your photos or tweet them using #BrewersRoadCrew hashtag.  I will collect your photos throughout the trip and post them here on the blog.  Are any fans planning meeting up anywhere before any of the games?  Let us know; I will post any Brewers fans pregame events in Chicago and Boston that fans might be planning.

So sit back and enjoy today’s Brewers-Cardinals game and hopefully I will see some of you this week on the road!



Will be in Chicago Thursday to cheer on the Crew. Go Brewers!!


My brothers and husband are flying to Boston for Saturday’s game. My husband Dan is a stadium sports service employee too.

Live in Chicago. Doing Saturday and Sunday vs. the Cardinals at Miller Park, Monday vs. the Cubs at Wrigley and then all 3 in Boston. Can’t wait to see Fenway for the first time. Go Crew!

Going to the June 19th game in Boston! Day after my 30th birthday!!!

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