Brewers Blogroll Call!

If you’re reading this post, we know you must read Brewers blogs…but do you write one as well?

Post a link to your Brewers or baseball-related blog in the comments section and, over the next few weeks, John and I will take a look at them and highlight a couple of our favorites!

Happy blogging!



Not exactly a blog, but I do host and produce a weekly podcast that discusses all manner of WI and MN pro sports, highlighting the Brewers and Twins this time of year:

I have been working on this blog for a few months now and I am still learning and trying to do more fun creative things with my blog, but I feel like I have a great start.

I write (or try to write as much as I can in conflict with my job) for Pretty much all around sports, but as you can imagine it has a pretty strong Brewers focus right now. Chief writer and creator Bart Winkler has been writing for TBC for the last few years, and it gets a solid amount of traffic.

I do, indeed, have a blog that touches mainly on sports, and being a Brewer freak, they’ve made a couple appearances. I should probably post a little more often, but I think that makes it even more blog-like. I do, however, have a post coming soon recounting the tragic tale of my mini-Weber getting boosted from the Miller Park parking lot.

Probably a good idea to put the URL of the blog somewhere in there:

One of the smartest places on the internet to discuss Brewers baseball, in my opinion.

I don’t necessarily consider it a blog anymore, but I’d appreciate it if Brew Crew Ball were included.

I recently started my blog that is primarily dedicated to my passions: baseball and skin care. There are a few other random posts too. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it.
Happy blogging peeps!
~ Michele

I’ve been writing A Girl’s View since 2008. It’s my quirky little blog that’s mostly about the Brewers but I bring up other teams now and then, too. (Mostly teams with hot boys that play for them.)

I run along with my contributors, Jordan Mader and Toby Harrmann.


I run a Brewer blog with a couple of friends, you can find it over at


Myself and my two co-hosts Alex and Brad, we record a weekly Brewers podcast called “The View From Bernie’s Chalet Podcast”. It is on iTunes and available for play on our blog site. Thanks!

Ooops, forgot the website address: and are part of the network, helping Brewers fans relive the 1982 and 1987 seasons “in real time.”

I write a Brewers blog for called “A Simple Kind of Fan”. It focuses on numbers and is from a fan’s point of view.

I put together a daily “250 Words or Less” Brewers recap for It’s a great way for fans to get a quick and simple rundown of every game.

I write for Reviewing the Brew, whch is part of the Fansided Network. We specialize in Brewers fun and facts. We are most known for John Axford Mustache Facts.

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