#WHERESBERNIE? Bring Back, Bring Back, Bring Back My Bernie to Me…

John and Cait have compiled all of the clues & tips to help you find Bernie Brewer tomorrow!

Bernie Brewer has been missing  since last Monday and if you were at the games against the Colorado Rockies at Miller Park this weekend, or if you watched on TV or listened on the radio, you know that this is getting serious. We had sellout crowds on both Saturday and Sunday, but one Brewers fan–the biggest Brewers fan on the planet–was noticeably absent.

Bernie Brewer was not at his usual post over the weekend and it wasn't the same without him. Brewers fans, help bring Bernie back!

Fear not, Brewers fans! In less than 24 hours, Bernie will be found–that is, if you can figure out the clues  he has been posting on his Twitter account, @Bernie_Brewer, all week.
Starting tomorrow morning at 5am, there will be 400 Bernie Brewer lawn ornaments–or gnomes, statues, mini-mes or “stach”-ues, depending on your preference–complete with great prizes attached, hidden in 27 different parks in the 5-county metro Milwaukee area (Ozaukee, Washington, Waukesha, Racine & Milwaukee), Kenosha, Madison, Appleton & Green Bay!
Plus, don’t forget that there will be over 1,000 additional lawn ornaments, without prizes, placed in a single undisclosed location. This location will be unveiled to fans through media outlets and at brewers.com tomorrow morning at 5am. Beginning at 7 am, fans may come to the site to pick up their very own Bernie Brewer ornament.
John and I want to see Bernie back at Miller Park just as much as you do, so we have compiled all of the clues and we’re breaking them down for you, below.  We’ve highlighted the parts that we think are important in red and added our comments in blue.
Bernie has also been tweeting some tips and we’ve got those for you, as well….GOOD LUCK!


  • Each clue is for a different location where I will be hiding the lawn ornaments next Tuesday, 5/24!
  • There will be more than one lawn ornament hidden at each location!
  • There will be multiple mini-mes at each location, but you should be nice and share with other Brewers fans!
  • You may want to familiarize yourself with the @CountyParks website!
  • If there is no city or county mentioned in the actual clue, assume it is a @CountyParks park!
  • All of the clues to the locations of the 400 “stach”ues have been given-there are 27!
  • Mini-mes are in parks in the 5-county metro MKE area, Kenosha, Madison, Appleton, and Green Bay!
  • 5-county metro MKE area includes Ozaukee, Washington, Waukesha, Racine, and Milwaukee.
  • Don’t forget, the scavenger hunt begins tomorrow morning at 5am!
  • There is an average of 10-15 “stach”-ues per location!
  • I have not given any clues to the place where 1000 “stach”ues will be! Check out brewers.com/wheresbernie tomorrow!


Below are all of the clues that Bernie has given over the last week. As Bernie noted in his tips, there is one clue per location and if the specific county is not alluded to in the clue, fans can assume it is a Milwaukee County Park. 

  • #WHERESBERNIE CLUE #1 I followed the team to the airport, then checked out this park in the area known as the “Gateway to MKE.”
  • #WHERESBERNIE CLUE #2 I’m checking out the home of this park’s Reds, a franchise of the Polish-American Semiprofessional Baseball League from 1909-1919!
  • #WHERESBERNIE CLUE #3 I’m looking for a park with a @CountyParks park with a spacious pavilion and a waterfront view…
  • #WHERESBERNIE CLUE #4 1 of MKE’s 1st parks, it honors Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Alexander Freiherr von ___. Try to fit that on a jersey!
  • #WHERESBERNIE CLUE #5 School’s out so I might see some @UWMadison students playing Ultimate Frisbee at this park close to campus. Hmm.. This must be a Madison Park!
  • #WHERESBERNIE Clue #6 In the ‘40s, this park hosted ski jumps on its 77’ long ski slide! Might try to take in a @TimberRattlers game tonight… The Timber Rattlers play in Appleton, this must be an Appleton Park!
  • #WHERESBERNIE Clue #7 I wonder if @AaronRodgers12 ever went to this park where you’re on your way to “Going Big in the Bay!” Aaron Rodgers? Must be in Green Bay!
  • #WHERESBERNIE Clue #8 I am getting back to nature in this Ozaukee Park!
  • #WHERESBERNIE Clue #9 This @CountyParks tournament course really challenges my golf game!
  • #WHERESBERNIE Clue #10 This @CountyParks course on the north side of MKE is a great place to get in a quick 9 on an off day!
  • #WHERESBERNIE Clue #11 Celebrate a #Brewers victory on the newest & tallest waterslide tower in the @CountyParks!
  • #WHERESBERNIE Clue #12 This park on the northwest side of the city was the site of one of our Block Parties in ’08!
  • #WHERESBERNIE Clue #13 For just $18, you can buy our Brew Crew & the Zoo pkg, but this park was the first home of the MKE County Zoo!
  • #WHERESBERNIE Clue #14 Work off all those brats you had at the game last weekend at this urban community center.
  • #WHERESBERNIE Clue #15 This “offic”ial location is listed on the National Register of Historic Places!
  • #WHERESBERNIE Clue #16 I go here to “cool” off—with so many slides, it makes me feel at home!
  • #WHERESBERNIE Clue #17 At first I thought I was on the beach, but then realized I was just caught in the bunkers near the #17 green!
  • #WHERESBERNIE Clue #18 These places remind me of being at Miller Park when the roof is closed!
  • #WHERESBERNIE Clue #19 This park was named in honor of the President who shares his number with Prince Fielder!
  • #WHERESBERNIE Clue #20 This park is a central part of a charming Milwaukee neighborhood created in the 1950s.
  • #WHERESBERNIE Clue #21 This West Bend park held its 75th Anniversary Party last year!
  • #WHERESBERNIE Clue #22  Many couples stop at this Waukesha park after “Tying the Knot!”
  • #WHERESBERNIE Clue #23 This Kenosha park was named for a car manufacturer!
  • #WHERESBERNIE Clue #24 Bullpen catcher Marcus Hanel has probably visited this site of the first Blue Wave Beach in the state! Marcus is from one of the counties in the 5-county area, do you know which one?
  • #WHERESBERNIE Clue #25 Today I’m going to take a “ride” to this park, named in honor of this Civil War hero.
  • #WHERESBERNIE Clue #26 All of those April showers are bringing May flowers here. I think I’ll also check out Bird Fest!
  • #WHERESBERNIE Clue #27 No Par 5’s on this regulation course-good news since I only have four fingers to count on!

Even though Bernie insists there is one clue per location, John and I think clues 10 & 11 are related, as well as 16 & 17; they might be separate locations but we think they might be pretty close to one another.

For continued updates as the scavenger hunt nears, make sure you follow @Bernie_Brewer and use the hashtag #WheresBernie! Also, if you’re not able to join in the fun tomorrow, you’ll still want to follow him–he recently tweeted that when he gets to 10,000 followers, he’s going to give away one of the lawn ornaments to a lucky fan. He’s getting close, so spread the word!

So…let’s start a discussion in the comments field below…where are you going to look for Bernie tomorrow?




I plan to get my statues bright and early so I don’t have find it on eBay. I just wonder how “hidden” they will be. I have 3 hours before work tomorrow so game on! Oh and by the way, GO BREWERS!!!!!


You know what would be cool? After the giveaway/scavenger hunt is done, sell Bernie lawn ornaments/statues/et al with proceeds benefiting the Brewers Community Foundation. I would gladly purchase one for my lawn!

Hmm I wish I knew if there were clues near pewaukee or waukesha cuz I have exams tomorrow and would need locations close to me:/ or a park near downtown milwaukee. but I don’t think I found any yet😦 any help would be appreciated

I want to see Bernie!🙂

Did you guys see Hart’s awsomeness? His bat is HOT tonight! 3 homers in a row!😀

There are so many nature parks/preserves in Ozaukee Co.. Did a search and only one keeps popping up at the top of the list when I search nature parks. Hope it’s the right one!

Getting some sleep before the big morning!🙂

So I guess there wont be any here in Chippewa Falls. Love my Brew Crew

You guys did a great job compiling all the clues and making a great article! Do us all a favor and make a printable version of your website, though! Not very useful!

lions den in grafton?

Well I was at the Racine one and obviously someone cheated and grabbed them early because we were there at 4:30 and nothing!

Agree with the person above — there were a lot of cheaters unfortunetly. Same thing happened to us, we were there waiting til 5, and the person comes out and says that someone came at 4 and grabbed them all. They may need to fix the starting time regulation

People had said they would bid up the bernies on ebay and not pay. Well, I wouldnt go and hurt your own ebay standing. Just explain to ebay that the item you bid on was stolen(which by rule, it was). Show ebay press clippings and you wont have to pay or get a negative. Grab your rightful Bernie from the Brewers and let these cheaters live with 12 bernies. Hopefully the crew makes a slightly diff bernie now, a cheat-free bernie. I dont want to be associated with these others. I was majorly disappointed this am.

I would like to know how many where found in appleton and all of them were found…

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