The biggest Brewers fan on the planet–the loveable, mustachioed, home run & victory sliding Bernie Brewer–has gone missing and only Brewers fans can help find him!

News of the team mascot’s disappearance spread over the Twitterverse early Monday morning as it appears that Bernie is using his Twitter account, @Bernie_Brewer, to send messages and clues as to his whereabouts–all while planning a fun scavenger hunt for Brewers fans.

Here’s how it all went down.

After last Sunday’s sweep over the Pittsburgh Pirates, Bernie sent out the following tweet at 10:07pm:

"Just finished packing. Headed to bed. Tomorrow is a big day for me! Sweep dreams, Brewers fans!"

With the team headed to Los Angeles, we all kind of wondered what his big day would entail, but then Bernie’s next tweet came at 5:30am.

"#WheresBernie? I'm planning a scavenger hunt for you, Brewers fans!"

A visit to the link,, provided details of the event that Bernie is brewing this week.

It seems that with the assistance of the award-winning Milwaukee County Parks and other Wisconsin-based parks, Bernie is planning a statewide “Where’s Bernie?” scavenger hunt and Brewers fans across Wisconsin will have an opportunity to win unique and valuable prizes by participating.

In preparation for Spring Madness, Bernie Brewer has been hard at work. Not only has Bernie gone missing from Miller Park, but he’ll also be planting over 1,400 Bernie Brewer lawn ornaments across the state.

Four hundred of the lawn ornaments will have special prizes attached, and will be placed in parks throughout the 5-county metro Milwaukee area as well as in parks in Madison, Appleton, and Green Bay on the morning of Tuesday, May 24.

These 400 Bernie Brewer lawn ornaments will have pouches attached. Each pouch will contain Brewers game tickets, and many will also include additional prizes such as certificates for a night in a Miller Park Suite and game-used memorabilia; and Milwaukee County Parks passes for golf, water parks, and the Mitchell Park Domes. In addition, 100 of the lawn ornaments will be autographed by Brewers players and personnel. The scavenger hunt for fans will begin at 5 am the morning of Tuesday, May 24.

There will also be over 1,000 additional lawn ornaments, without prizes, placed in a single, undisclosed location. This location will be unveiled to fans through media outlets and on on the morning of Tuesday, May 24. Beginning at 7 a.m., fans may come to the site to pick up their very own Bernie Brewer ornament.

In an email, one of the Famous Racing Sausages, who refused to be identified, told me:

“Bernie was just saying to me that he thought that the Wisconsin baseball fans have been ‘going mad’ with the un-spring-like weather this year. Watching them come in with coats and hats this weekend he commented,: ‘Look at them! They’ve got cabin fever and they’re ready to get out of their houses and spend some time at their local parks, including, of course, their favorite: Miller Park. I need to give them an excuse to do just that.’  Well, I’ll be doggoned!I guess that explains why he’s cooked up this promotion!”

Indeed. “Where’s Bernie?” comes in advance of our annual Spring Madness celebration from May 27-29 at Miller Park. The Crew hosts the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants during the Spring Madness weekend, and Brewers fans can save 50% on all tickets $30 or less. In addition, Klement’s hot dogs and small Pepsi products are just $1 each for all three games.

From now through May 23, Bernie will be using his Twitter account, @Bernie_Brewer, to give clues to fans about the location of where the 400 lawn ornaments with prizes will be placed. All of Bernie’s “Where’s Bernie?” related tweets will use the #wheresbernie hashtag to provide up-to-the-minute news on the promotion as well as clues to his whereabouts. Fans are invited to join in the conversation and share their guesses as to where the ornaments will be placed.

As of today, Bernie has already given clues to seven locations.

When I replied to ask if he knew of Bernie’s specific plans and hiding places, the unidentified Sausage wrote back, “No. I grilled him about it, but they’re more top-secret than the recipe for Secret Stadium Sauce. And even if I did know something, I really can’t talk about it. I do know he’s been giving out clues on Twitter. I really need to get on there and  ketchup.”


Join in the fun! Visit for details and you could win great prizes!


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Got to Regner Park in West Bend at 4:45 a.m. and all the statues had been handed out already! They weren’t even hidden. Very disappointed!

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