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There are so many things we love about Miller Park that it is hard to choose just one. But if you’re Ryan Braun and you have the tremendous power to hit home runs that help lead the Crew to victory, then it’s understandable why the thing he loves best is making Bernie Brewer go down his slide in left field. It’s the 10th Anniversary of Miller Park and we’re still finding new things we love about the place Ryan and the Crew call home.

As you are probably aware by now, the 2011 season marks the 10th Anniversary of Miller Park.

Here in the marketing department, we’ve really taken the time to reflect on this.

It’s hard to believe that it has already been 10 years since we first opened our gates—and our roof—for a new era of baseball in Milwaukee

Some stadiums are built with just bricks and mortar, but not Miller Park. No, Miller Park was built with the tremendous passion of loyal fans like you and me (because yes, those of us in the front office are all fans, too!).  

From the very beginning, it was clear that Miller Park offered one of the best fan experiences in all of sports—and there are so many things we love about Miller Park that it’s hard to choose just one:

  •  Tailgating on a Saturday afternoon.
  • The Klement’s World Famous Sausage Race.
  • Singing “Roll Out the Barrel” during the 7th Inning Stretch.
  •  The roar of the crowd after a home run.
  • Bernie cruising down his slide to celebrate a Brewers victory.
  • The number one fans in all of baseball.

These reasons—and so many more—are why we chose to center our 2011 advertising campaign on the theme of commemorating the anniversary of this very special place through declarations of love.

All season long, we’ll be celebrating our great ballpark and all of the things that make our very own Brewers experience so unique by highlighting the things that our players, fans and yes, even our mascots, love best in our print, online and outdoor ads.

We ran these billboards to promote the Cubs series and, as fate would have it, Casey demonstrated just how much he loves the heated rivalry against his former Club by hitting a pinch-hit, game-winning, two-run home run in the 8th inning on Sunday.

John Axford loves the roar of the crowd as emerges from the 'pen in the 9th to close the door and you'll love getting his bobble head when you come out to Miller Park on Sunday, April 24!

And here is where you come in… These ads all beg the question: What do you love about Miller Park?

Tell us about your favorite memory, your favorite food, your favorite place to take in the game, or just what keeps you coming back again and again.

Post your own declarations of love as comments below and then follow up with an email to us at johnandcait@brewers.com. We’ll be rewarding random readers with tickets to an upcoming game because… one of the things that John and I love best? You!



For another chance to weigh in on the Miller Park experience, check out John’s post “Where Do the Brewers Rank?”


I love high five-ing everyone around after a home run or a major out. The feeling that (almost) everyone is excited for the same thing is great.

Rolling Out the Barrel is also something I love.

And foodwise, I love the chorizos wrapped in tortillas that I got last season. (Although I couldn’t find them this season, anyone know if there’s is a place to find them at the stadium?)

I love the comradery amongst fans

I love feeling like part of the Brewers family being surrounded by fans with the same passion as I do for Wisconsin sports.

I LOVE that Miller Park is family friendly, and a GREAT value within MLB ballparks. I can always find affordable tickets in good seats with a great view of the field. And, Miller Park is one of the ONLY pro stadiums I’m aware of that allows you to bring carry-ins. (within certain guidelines of course). I hear people complaining that it has become far too expensive for them to take their family to major sporting events – however I can almost always take my family to Miller Park and enjoy quality Major League Baseball for just a little more than a 1st run movie theater!

Weather we are taking our five kids to a ballgame at Miller Park or just the two of us our experience is always a great time. There is always so much to do and see that no two games are ever the same. Personally i enjoy listening to the live bands play outside of Fridays and enjoying the warm weather as i soak up the sun before a game. My favorite viewpoint of watching the game is anywhere on the homeside dougout on the loge level(shaded from the sun). Our younger children enjoy the Kid Zone before the game and all that it has to offer with face painting and balloons and our older kids are always looking for homerun balls during batting practice. Miller Park has become a very family friendly atmoshere for those looking for a outing and for those looking for a adult experience there is plenty of that there too!!

I love watching the Diamond Dancers perform on the field and during the 7th innning stretch!

I love how Miller Park honors the history of baseball, particularly in Milwaukee: the plates of honor around the outside, the statues, banners inside the stadium, photos of current and defunct stadiums on the 300 level, the AAGPBL honorees wall, etc.

No they aren’t. Their glorified strippers.

eebyuo That’s the best aswner of all time! JMHO

I definantly love the Diamond dancers, they all do such a great job performing in front of thousands of fans and they also work their butts off to look as good as they do. A dancer is an athlete and these women are professional dancers so they work EXTRA hard.

I love yelling “Hey Corey, how many outs?” to Corey Hart and having him hold up 2 fingers. Then we cheer!

I love…being in the first row of the Molitor Lot at 10:00 am on a Thursday, cracking a beer, firing up the grill and enjoying the atmosphere before the game…when I should be a work!

What I love about Miller Park makes it my favorite stadium! The walk over the bridge, especially after a winning game. It’s tradition for us to start the game off with baked potatoe. I love how all fans get into supporting their team. Miller Park Stadium is very up beat and keeps even the loosing team’s fans from getting bored.

I love that every time I see Miller Park, it reminds me about the most special day in my life, May 8, 2004, when I got married there. Our ceremony was on the Club level and our reception was in the (former) .300 Club. We rented the Italian and Polish racing sausages to entertain our guests and had the best tailgate themed buffet dinner with brats, hot dogs and italian sausages.
To this day, people still tell me it was the most fun wedding they had ever been to.

Carrie, thanks for sharing! I had my reception in the .300 Club, too! I agree, people tell me the same thing! -Cait

I love the giant cupcakes…worth every penny! I hope they still have them this year!

You bet they do! -Cait

I love that the Brewers are one of the few MLB teams with a Pro Dance Team – The Diamond Dancers are always sure to get everyone up and singing during the 7th inning stretch!

I don’t love Miller Park for all of it’s modern technology, or anything like that. Don’t get me wrong, that new scoreboard is spectacular, and the roof makes it always comfortable for the fans to watch games. I just can’t say those are the reasons why I love Miller Park. I love Miller Park for all the great memories it has given me, and for the team that plays inside of it. For instance, that playoff run in ’08 was something special for me. I had never seen the Brewers come anywhere near the playoffs in my lifetime. I was in Miller Park the day they clinched the playoffs, and needless to say it was very emotional for me. I was there with my dad for that game, just like we have been doing together since I was 5 and going to games back at County Stadium. A lot of our best memories together have been spent at Brewer games, and at Miller Park. Just to be there with him to experience that moment of triumph after the journey we had been through together throughout my life to get to that very moment in time. Tears were in my eyes at the end of that day, not just because the Brewers had made the playoffs, but because I knew I had just shared a priceless moment with my dad that I would remember for the rest of my life. Miller Park allowed me to have that moment with my dad, and with my first love, the Milwaukee Brewers. September 28, 2008, I will never forget that day I spent in Miller Park as long as I live. I am forever grateful for that day that I spent inside of my second home, Miller Park!

I love the secret stadium sauce!

Sunday morning breakfast tailgating🙂 and the club level bathrooms!

I love EVERYTHING about Miller Park. I love the look of it, the sounds inside, the smells of the field & grass. I feel like I’m at home when I’m there, there’s no place on Earth like it. I love watching the Crew take the field, especially when they make a great play to steal a hit/run from the opposing team. I love watching the guys at bat; and going nuts when they send Bernie down the slide, or when they steal a base. I love playing along with the games on the scoreboard; searching the stadium for the newest food items (Racing Sausage Kabobs were great!); browsing the Clubhouse for the newest gear. I love how every staff person I’ve encountered is helpful & seems genuinely happy. I love dancing around at the end of the 9th when we win. I love walking out of the stadium high-five-ing all the other fans; especially when it’s a win against the Cubs. I would spend every day there if I could, I have often told my husband if we ever win the lottery – the very first purchase – above anything else – will be season tickets for life!!

I love watching the Diamond Dancers on the dugout during the 7th inning stretch!🙂

I love that going to Brewers games at Miller Park with my husband are “date nights”. No child, no cooking, no dishes, no laundry. My husband loves that I nag the players rather than him!

I love Miller Park.
Love how you guys keep the crowd involved in the game the whole time!
I especially like when you guys do the sausage racers!! My brothers and I always argue over who we think will win!!
The only thing I do not like about it is how high some of the seats are. Afraid of heights so much. My number one fear in life! 😡

On opening day 10 years ago, when I saw that magnificent ballpark appear as we were driving to the game, I actually got teary eyed! Every time I walk through the gates, it’s like coming home!

I love that you can celebrate great plays with random fans around you. I love student nights on Friday nights where us students can get good seats (loge bleachers) for $10. that student section is full of life and makes us even cooler fans (free t-shirts are nice too). Love everything else about the park it is the best place to play baseball in the MLB. Why else do you think Cubs fans love Miller Park so much?

I love Miller Park for a lot of reasons, here are my top three:

* I still love the roof… I always know that I won’t miss a game due to weather!

* I love the memory of our first and only playoff game win, people cheering between every pitch, that was an awesome experience.

* A great view of the game even from my seats waaaaaaay upstairs!

I love walking around the inside of the park, checking out the game from the different vantage points. Whether it is behind the plate, in the right field corner, or just beyond the dugout on third base, fans can watch the game with a different feel every couple of innings.

What I love about Miller park is that we never have to worry about rain-outs. I get this weird feeling that whenever there is a rain-out, that host park is sort of irresponsible.If they cared about us fans, they would have put up a roof.

It’s hard to say what makes Miller Park so great, but something about it just feels like home. Milwaukee is doubly fortunate to have not only one of thirty major league teams, but a relatively modern stadium to play in. And you realize how lucky we are to be a baseball city every time you drive into Milwaukee and see the unique domed roof rise into view. Miller Park never lets you forget that this city, for being so small, has an awful lot of baseball history in it.

My favorite memory of Miller Park is also probably the most exciting moment in its history. September 28, 2008, as C.C. Sabathia induced a double play to end the 9th inning and send to the Brewers to their first playoff berth in 26 years. The entire stadium was electric; the crowd erupted and Sabathia let out a roar you could hear all the way in Chicago. Of course, we wouldn’t know for sure until later that the Brewers would clinch the wild card, but no one in that stadium was thinking about what would happen an hour later. At that moment, all that mattered to the entire stadium-maybe the entire city and state-was that Miller Park would see its first postseason baseball.

I love so much! The smell of the parking lot, taking my 3 little boys to games, picking a sausage to cheer for in the sausage race, roll out the barrel, the Gehl Club(and its food!!), bleacher seats, bobblehead days, the new scoreboard, letting the kids do the “Kid’s Zone stuff, having the game piped in over the speakers in the bathroom so you don’t miss anything…the list goes on and on! Whats NOT to love??

I love that Miller Park can seat so many great fans, but it feels like such an intimate venue. I also love how it is our “happy place” for both my husband and me. We used to love getting our beer from Big Mike! One of our best memories, for sure, had to be arriving at a give-away day, only to get our Miller High Life cooler from the Miller High Life guy himself!! Awesome! Overall, though, we love the fans, the atmosphere, and the Crew!!

There’s never a rain out at Miller Park. Our stadium never disappoints. From a howling spring wind and a splash of cold rain, we enter the welcoming doorways into a vast green cathedral where balls from batting practice soar skyward like swift white birds.

As I handicapped senior, I use a walker, and there is no public space in the world where I feel safer than Miller Park. From the unfailing warmth of the staff, to the courtesy and gentleness of my fellow baseball fans, I have been sheparded with care and without condescension even through opening day crowds.

And then you settle into your comfortable seats, with a field of lush grass, watching athletes whose lives you have followed since they were practically kids, high fiving strangers and joining in the great family that is baseball.

I love everythign about Miller Park. I love the Brewers. I love that I hate the Cubs. I love the smell of the candide nuts on the concourse by my season tickets. I love the old ushers dressed in blue. I love the Oragan. I love the batters music. I love da na na na nana… CHARGE. I love the giant scoreboard. I love fireworks for home runs. I love the look on my daughter’s face when the sausages run. I love too Root Root Root for the BREWERS and roll out the barrell. I love paying $7 for a beer (well maybe not) I love these things and so much more about the Brewers and Miller Park

I absolutely love everything about coming to a Brewer game.
So many memories, and great times!! ♥

I love Miller Park.
1. Tailgating with my sister and two friends on a summer weekend.

2. Overall EVERYTHING! whats not to love abot the big MP.

3. Seeing John Axford close a shutout game. Pricless.

I love the beer.

I love the drive down from Appleton, the tailgating, and then hearing the line-up for the day. There is truly nothing better than the racing sausages and the Brewers any day of the week!

It is home! Great ballpark for a great team and great sport to watch! Going to the games remains affordable for any fan, who wouldn’t love calling Miller Park home?

I love not missing an Opening Day since Miller Park has opened. I loved sitting first row Terrace Reserve behind home plate for our playoff victory! I loved sitting 2nd level behind home plate for Hoffmans 600th save and turning around giving the Ueck the two thumbs up! I love the food choices; Secret Sauce, Cactus League Nachos and new this year Pulled Pork Parfait! In the words of Dick Vitale, “are you serious baby?!?!?” I love Leines lodge and the great beers. I love to know that I’m going to see a game on the day I have tickets rain or shine, snow or hail. I love the players, I love the camaraderie of the of people, I love the smell of the ball park and the way the Miller Park and the Brewers are in my soul.

I love that at Miller Park everyone comes together for one cause: a Crew win. You become friends with the person sitting next to you and usually make plans to meet up with them at a bar after the game, or at another Crew game in the future. You always find at least 1 new friend at Miller Park, and it’s all in the name of Brewer pride. And you never find a fair-weather Crew fan

Miller Park feels like a second home. I love coming year after year and seeing familiar faces working in the parking lot, ticketing, suites, concessions, selling in the stands and neighbors in their seats. Small market baseball is the best!

I love hearing the screams of 41,900 strong as the Brewers bring home a win.

I love seeing the excited faces of my friends and family when Braun hits a game winning grand slam!

I love how every time I go back to Miller Park, the experience always feels new and exciting. It’s always a blast traveling to Miller Park!!

Miller Park is my favorite place to be. I would be there for every game if this were possible because it has the best of everything, employees, food, shops and off course the best team, our Brewers. I am so proud to be a Brewer fan and going to games at Miller Park are a real treat even if you go 10 times a year. The fans are the greatest and treat even the rival fans, like the Cub fans, with respect. Our park is beautiful and a great place to be on any summer/spring day.

I just love the fact that the stadium always presents something different for me every time I am there.

What I love most about Miller Park is it means that we have a home for our baseball team. It means that Milwaukee has a team to go and watch on a regular basis. Even before my husband and I were dating, we sat in County Stadium and he taught me all about baseball. Now that we have a son, we can bring him to Miller Park and share that same experience with him! We can’t wait for his first game which is just a few weeks away… even though he’s only 6 months old, they’re never too young to start them out right!

I love the roller coaster of emotions that seeing baseball at Milller Park brings to me as a die hard fan. The anticipation and conversations that I have setting up family and friends together for upcoming games. The checking of probable picthers weeks in advance. Playing armchair managers when the lineups are anounced. Beating the traffic driving 3 hour away to avoid getting stuck behind the general lee van as we did on opening day 4 years ago. From the very lows of the days in the past to the 3 run homerun Ryan Braun hit against the cubs on my birthday to send them into the playoffs. Each year they start 162-0 and hope that I can get another taste of that birthday present. But through thick and thin Miller Park is where I shed a tear as a shirtless bleacher creater from County Stadium into no matter how far I drive, I dont have to worry about the weather I will still be able to plan social gatherings with the people that mean the most to me to enjoy the team that we care so much for.

Best thing is really just the fans! You don’t have to know someone to just hang out and have a great time!!!

THere’sa spark n the air love between the new coach and players – and the fans! I love the Brew Crew ’cause we’re going all the way this year!

Honestly, I would love watching my Brewers play at a neighborhood sandlot. It’s not Miller Park that makes me love the Brewers. I love the Brewers because they are OUR team and I would watch them anywhere.

But…I do love Miller Park. I love it because of how it came about. All the fighting and politics that went into the decision to build MIller Park proves that Brewers fans will not be defeated. Miller Park was built on the dreams of the Brewers fans to bring a championship team to Wisconsin. I love Miller Park for all of these reasons.

But, most of all, I love Miller Park because it’s the place I can take my two boys and teach them to love the Brewers like I do and like my Dad did with me.

I love Miller Park!

I love just that WE have a Park, a Team, and a place to watch ball with friends, family, and all around us…After all, without Miller Park, we wouldn’t have any of these other things to love.
So…Thank You Brewers, Thank You Milwaukee, and all for giving us this fabulous place to ENJOY BASEBALL…

I love the atmosphere of Miller Park. The moment you pull into the lots, you’re greeted with the smell of grilled food and engulfed into a sea of tailgaters. The blue and yellow everywhere is a pretty scene as Miller Parks sits pretty in the background awaiting your entrance. Once you make it inside, knowledgeable and friendly Brew Crew fans welcome you as well as a wide variety of food/beverage selections. All of these small things lead up to a fun experience watching the Brewers play ball.

Not only is Miller Park is considered one of the easiest ballparks to get to, no matter where you sit, and I have been in almost every seating area, you see a great game. What could be better than having a brat and a beer, or whatever, and just settling back to watch and have fun. But what is just as good is that fact that the former players still show their loyalty to the team and are appreciated by the fans. The Milwaukee Brewers and their fans show what it is like to be a real baseball town.

I will never forget the first time I went to Miller Park. My son-in-law was able to use a suite that his company owned. The first sight of coming into full view onto the field of Miller Park was amazing. We entered just behind home plate. It was like being a 10 year old kid and opening the best birthday present ever – the view was spectacular. Better than I ever thought it would be. Even tho we had the suite, I had to sit in the seats outside the suite to watch the entire game – I wanted to be as close to the action as possible. I’m still amazed whenever we go to a game – the sights, the smells, the sounds, the comradery of all the other Brewer’s fans – it’s true baseball heaven!! I wish my Dad was still with us – he loved baseball (so did his Mom) and took me to Braves games at County Stadium. Now I can share my love of Miller Park and the Brewers with my kids and grandkids. Five generations – all lovin’ baseball.

I love watching the exciting gleam in my daughter’s eye as she works the outfielders and pitchers for a souvenir ball from the TGI Friday’s patio during batting practice.

My favorite Miller Park memory was the excitement of being in the stands to see young Prince Fielder and Rickie Weeks each hit the first Home Runs of their careers in the same game. I live out of state now and don’t get there much but I am sure to make one trip to Miller Park each year.

Walking down the ramps inside the park after a win. One huge, happy, mass of people!

I love the old braves/county stadium plaques in the rightfield corner. Seeing that old Milwaukee history is special. Never forget our rich baseball history!

I love the view from left field! and my kids love running the bases at Sunday games!

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what i love about millerpark is the new scorebored it is amazing and much better

I am active duty military from Wisconsin, and every time I come back to milwaukee during baseball season I catch as many brewer games as possible! I was just there for the reds series and when I was outside the park tailgating in true milwaukee fashion I get reminded of why I enjoy serving my country so much. I love the people and fans of miller park. To go from seeing some of the most horrific events to being in the middle of the yount parking lot seeing so many people enjoying sunshine and baseball brings an unbelievable calmness to my wife and me!

What I love about Miller Park, Everything. From tailgaiting to the game itself.We love Bob Uecker and the Racing Sausages, of course Bernie Brewer too. The fact that there are no rain-outs because of that wonderful roof over our heads. The comaraderie of the fans, it’s like a big family. The food and the gift shops. All the people that work there are so friendly and helpful. I love the National Anthem before the game starts. It always brings a tear to my eye. I am a baseball, or should I say Brewers fan, and having a wonderful park like ours makes it all the while better. Miller Park has everything. It’s family friendly too. I can’t say what I’d like to about Miller Park in 100 words or less. I’ts the BEST!

Thanks! Please make sure you enter the contest at brewers.com/whatilove!

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