April 2011

We Love Our Readers! It’s John and Cait’s Blog Reader Appreciation Week and We Want to Know…

There are so many things we love about Miller Park that it is hard to choose just one. But if you’re Ryan Braun and you have the tremendous power to hit home runs that help lead the Crew to victory, then it’s understandable why the thing he loves best is making Bernie Brewer go down his slide in left field. It’s the 10th Anniversary of Miller Park and we’re still finding new things we love about the place Ryan and the Crew call home.

As you are probably aware by now, the 2011 season marks the 10th Anniversary of Miller Park.

Here in the marketing department, we’ve really taken the time to reflect on this.

It’s hard to believe that it has already been 10 years since we first opened our gates—and our roof—for a new era of baseball in Milwaukee

Some stadiums are built with just bricks and mortar, but not Miller Park. No, Miller Park was built with the tremendous passion of loyal fans like you and me (because yes, those of us in the front office are all fans, too!).  

From the very beginning, it was clear that Miller Park offered one of the best fan experiences in all of sports—and there are so many things we love about Miller Park that it’s hard to choose just one:

  •  Tailgating on a Saturday afternoon.
  • The Klement’s World Famous Sausage Race.
  • Singing “Roll Out the Barrel” during the 7th Inning Stretch.
  •  The roar of the crowd after a home run.
  • Bernie cruising down his slide to celebrate a Brewers victory.
  • The number one fans in all of baseball.

These reasons—and so many more—are why we chose to center our 2011 advertising campaign on the theme of commemorating the anniversary of this very special place through declarations of love.

All season long, we’ll be celebrating our great ballpark and all of the things that make our very own Brewers experience so unique by highlighting the things that our players, fans and yes, even our mascots, love best in our print, online and outdoor ads.

We ran these billboards to promote the Cubs series and, as fate would have it, Casey demonstrated just how much he loves the heated rivalry against his former Club by hitting a pinch-hit, game-winning, two-run home run in the 8th inning on Sunday.

John Axford loves the roar of the crowd as emerges from the 'pen in the 9th to close the door and you'll love getting his bobble head when you come out to Miller Park on Sunday, April 24!

And here is where you come in… These ads all beg the question: What do you love about Miller Park?

Tell us about your favorite memory, your favorite food, your favorite place to take in the game, or just what keeps you coming back again and again.

Post your own declarations of love as comments below and then follow up with an email to us at johnandcait@brewers.com. We’ll be rewarding random readers with tickets to an upcoming game because… one of the things that John and I love best? You!



For another chance to weigh in on the Miller Park experience, check out John’s post “Where Do the Brewers Rank?”

Where Do the Brewers Rank?

Every year around this time, ESPN.com hosts its annual “Ultimate Franchise Fan Satisfaction Survey.”  The short online survey asks a series of questions about how their favorite sports franchise is doing in making the most use of their dollars and fans of that franchise are getting the most for the dollars they put into supporting the team.  It also rates the fans thoughts on how ownership, management and on field performance of the team.

The Brewers have traditionally fared well among its peers in surveys like these.  Last year, the Brewers ranked 31st of all 122 sports teams that were ranked (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL) and the year before, the Brewers were ranked seventh of 122 teams.  Also, in a report released earlier this month by Team Marketing Report, the Brewers were the eighth most affordable fan experience among the 30 Major League baseball teams and ranked 19% under the MLB average.

This independent survey is just one way Brewers management gauges how the team is doing in all areas as the voice of the fan does count!  This is a great opportunity for the Brewers to shine on a stage in front of their peers and for the organization to take a look at the results and see where to make improvements.  Take a look at the survey here and take a couple of minutes to vote.

Results are released in July in ESPN the Magazine and we will see how the Brewers do in the rankings at that time.

While you are at it, take a look at the Brewers Fan Value Corner on Brewers.com to learn ways fans can stretch their dollar when enjoying Brewers baseball at Miller Park this season.  The Fan Value Corner is an easily navigated page where deals are organized by date.








One “Hail” of a Storm at Miller Park

Sometimes you just happen to be at the right place at the right time.  I was heading into the office for some last minute finishing touches before tomorrow’s Opening Day when the skies turned dark, the lightning flashed and it started hailing.  Hard.


This was a pretty heavy hail!  I have never seen anything like it.  Luckily the roof was closed during the entire storm so everything on the field is good for tomorrow.  I pulled out my iPhone and took this video, please pardon the shaky quality of the video!

As evident by the tweets and Facebook updates from people in the Milwaukee area, a lot of you had the same experiences.  Can you imagine if this happened one day earlier!?  We are all looking forward to a great day tomorrow.  It was a tough weekend in Cincinnati, but that is nothing that a little home cooking can’t cure for the team.  When you are tweeting about tomorrow’s activities at Miller Park, make sure to use the hashtag #MillerParkOpener so they can all be organized.  Enjoy Opening Day in Milwaukee tomorrow!



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