Talk About a Souvenir Ticket…

I caught up with another winner in our FanTastic
promotion: Derrick Iseler of Security Insurance Services.

If you don’t know Derrick, you will soon. That’s because, for one
game during the 2011 season, Derrick’s photo is going to be printed on a
Brewers season ticket

Derrick Iseler.jpg

Derrick showed up at our offices this afternoon, decked out in his
Brewers gear for the shoot. He was greeted with quite the entourage– Jeff
Harding, our Graphic Designer
, who will be designing the tickets; Kelly
Candotti, our Marketing & Promotions Coordinator
was on hand to supply
props (a cap, a bat, etc.); Nate Hardwick, his Account Executive; Billy
Friess, Director of Season Tickets
and me, covering the shoot for
the blog–as we escorted him to his shoot with Scott Paulus, our team

Derrick’s company, Security Insurance Services, has been a
Season Seat Holder since 1979.  Before Derrick was a Season Seat
Holder through his business, he was one of the Brewers original Season Seat
Holders, signing on with the Club in 1970.  It was great to see this prize
going to such a loyal Brewers fan who has been with us through thick and thin!


Note: I’ve deliberately obscured Derrick’s image here–you’re going to have to get your hands on a season ticket to the Brewers vs. Marlins game on September 23 to see the final result!

The shoot lasted about 15 minutes and Derrick was a great sport.
When it was over, we asked him if there was a specific game date that he’d like
to have his photo on.

“Hmmm…I don’t know.” Derrick said.

“When’s your birthday? Is it during the season?” Kelly suggested.
It is, but we’re not home that day.

“What about your anniversary? When is that?” she tried again.

“Now you’re testing me!” Derrick joked. “No, it’s September 23.”

On Friday, September 23, we are playing at home against the
Florida Marlins, the date of his 33rd wedding anniversary to his
wife, Cyndi.
 It was settled. The perfect date for his photo to grace the

“That works out great, we’ll celebrate at the ballpark,” Derrick
said, “and the Brewers will be leading the division then, or they’ll be right

You heard it here, folks. Let’s hope Derrick and his wife have a
very happy anniversary!

Although we’re over halfway
through, there is still time to get in on our FanTastic 40 promotion–40 Days, 40 drawings, 40
unique prizes and experiences, all for our Season Seat Holders!

The sooner you get in, the
more scoring opportunities you’ll have. You can’t score if you’re not in the
game, so visit for more information, including complete rules
and regulations!


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