Brewers On Deck Set For Sunday

At this point in the winter, I just want it to end and I’m sure Brewers fans feel the same way.  I’m sick of the cold and the cloudy skies.  I hate my dirty car and the snow everywhere.  Brewers On Deck makes us all forget about the ills of winter and that baseball season and sunny days are right around the corner.

It’s been a busy day here at Miller Park today as we put the finishing touches on Brewers On Deck, scheduled for 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. at the Frontier Airlines Center in downtown Milwaukee.  It is really shaping up to be a big event and we are all really excited about it.  From Aleta Mercer’s planning at the top all the way down to our many valuable interns and a special thanks to our friends at Time Warner Cable for presenting, everyone has really chipped in on what is going to be a great day. 

Catching up with the players, coaches and media and seeing the excitement in everyone’s eyes are my favorite things about Brewers On Deck.

I’m going to try and give you a complete preview of the event so you don’t miss a thing, there is a lot going on and I recommend getting there early and making a day out of it.  First of all, on Sunday, the doors to the facility will open at 7 a.m., however the doors to the event will not open until 10 a.m.

There has been some talk and confusion about the new coupon distribution system for select player autographs.  I will try to make it clear as autographs are one of the most popular attractions at the event every year.   

For autographs of Bob Uecker, Robin Yount, Ryan Braun, Yovanni Gallardo, Zack Greinke and Corey Hart, you will need to use your admission ticket to receive a numbered coupon to be entered into the system for the random selection process.  Each admission ticket enters you into one of the six drawings.  Getting to the event at 7 a.m. won’t give anyone a better chance of getting an autograph for these six players than arriving when the event actually begins at 10 a.m.  

Each of those six players will sign autographs for the winning 250 numbers for $25 each.  The numbers will be announced throughout the event and @Bernie_Brewer will be tweeting them.   For staff and players not included in the random selection process, each will be signing 250 autographs.  Those will either be $10 or free.  Also, please remember that cash is the only accepted form of payment. 

Another hit of Brewers on Deck are the game shows and player interaction opportunities at the Main Stage.  This year four press-style events are scheduled along with three game shows.  Obviously, working in media relations, the press conferences always interest me and I always enjoy seeing what kind of questions the fans ask the players and coaches when in a situation with the media. 

The Who Wants to be a Brewer game show is a take on the popular trivia game show once in which our very own Cory Provus will make his best Regis Philbin impersonation.  Name That Hit, scheduled for 1:45 p.m. will probably be pretty popular as well with Mr. Baseball himself, Bob Uecker serving as host.

The Brewers Community Foundation will also have a strong presence at Sunday’s event.  Their Treasure Hunt will help Brewers fans find some one-of-a-kind game-used Brewers items as well as some old bobbleheads and other giveaway items. 

They will also hold two 50/50 Raffles during the event and host a live auction at 3:30 p.m. on the Interactive Stage.  The live auction has some great opportunities like a change to throw out the first pitch and an autographed and framed Paul Molitor jersey.

As a part of the ongoing Brewers Create a Concession Contest, fans will have the opportunity to taste the final four items–Chicken Parmesan Sandwich, sent in by Chris Fifarek of Wauwatosa; Klement’s  Famous Racing Sausage Kabobs, sent in by Courtney Ring of Sauk City; Poutine with Cheese Curds, sent in by Chris Stoa of Milwaukee; and Tilapia Fish Tacos, sent in by Tim Tracz of Hales Corners.  I have had all four and I will hold back from commenting on my favorite until voting is complete!

The Brewers Team Store by Majestic will have a presence at the event as well and earlier today, Jill Aronoff gave me some inside access to the retail warehouse here at Miller Park as they were unpacking boxes of brand new Brewers merchandise.


The Brewers will sport new batting practice tops for 2011 by Majestic.  You can get yours first at Brewers On Deck.

2photo.JPGThis retro Brewers t-shirt is tailored for women.


3photo.JPGThe first thing I said when I saw this was, “Do they make this for adults?”  adidas did a great job with this simple track suit for the little Brewers fan in your life.  Maybe one day they will make one for adults!


photo.JPGMajestic’s retro Brewers zip up jacket would be perfect for a cool Miller Park night.

5photo.JPGThis “critter cap” will keep the head of your little one warm in the winter.

These items just came in today and the first opportunity Brewers fans will have to purchase is Sunday at Brewers On Deck.

My personal favorite part of Brewers On Deck is the Brewers Museum.  I made some additions and improvements to the museum from last year and if you follow @BrewersHistory on twitter, you might have seen a sneak peak of some of the items.  I also added some rare photos from Borchert Field and the early days of Baseball in Milwaukee.  I really enjoy history and baseball history is something that has always interested me, so I took a lot of pride in setting up this area.

I’m sure there are things that I am leaving out, but if you are a Brewers fan, this is the place to be as there is something for everyone.  We have clinics for the kids, a sports memorabilia collector’s show, a live webchat with Casey McGehee, LaTroy Hawkins and Ron Roenicke, photo opportunities with players and coaches.  It is going to be a great time. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know.  If you want to find me to say hello at the event, I will probably be around the Museum area most of the day and I will be taking care of the webchat at the Interactive Stage at 2 p.m.  I’m looking forward to a great day!

For the latest news on Brewers On Deck, click here.




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