The Myth of the Offseason, Continued

Now that we’re well into November and John is back from his trip to Arizona, I thought I’d revisit the  “There is No Offseason For…” series that I started last year about this time.


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In case you’re new to the blog or you’ve forgotten, this series stems from what John and I called “The Myth of the Offseason” in our very first post last November. (It is hard to believe this blog is almost one year old!)


Links to last year’s stories can be found here:

Gary Vanden Berg, Director of Grounds

Aleta Mercer, Vice President Broadcasting & Entertainment

Billy Friess, Director of Season Ticket Sales

Miller Park Tours

Brewers Enterprises


And now, loyal readers, my next installment is in your hands!


Whose “offseason” do you want me to write about next?

Chris Barlow, Director-Group Sales

Cecelia Gore, Executive Director, Brewers Community Foundation

Jeff Harding, Senior Graphic Designer

Diny Hurwitz, Data Analyst

Karl Mueller, Director of Video Scouting and Baseball Research 

Other (Got someone else in mind? Let me know!)


Vote by posting your comments below. I’ll feature the member of the front office with the most votes in my next story later this month!






On the baseball side, I’d like to know about the graphics. With the new scoreboard coming for next season, I’m guessing there’s going to be a ton of work this winter updating things and making the new display pop.

I want to hear more about Cecelia Gore! Someday I’d LOVE to work for her. I think the Brewers have such a fantastic outreach program- what better way to spend your career than doing good for the community AND working for your favorite, hometown team!?

I would like to see more interviews with whoever is overseeing the new scoreboard installation and operations. It would also be nice to see regular photo updates or videos of the installation.

Chris Barlow, Director of Group Sales…. I think learning about all the different groups that attend any given game throughout a year and what is done for those groups would be interesting.

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for your comments! They’re really helpful to me. Keep them coming!

Would definitely love to hear about how the graphic design role is carried out in an MLB organization.

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