You Outta Be in Pictures!

Hey Blog Readers!

If you’re a Brewers fan who is going to be at one of the Brewers vs. Cubs games this Saturday or Sunday (Saturday, September 11 and Sunday, September 12), listen up!

Scott Paulus, our team photographer, is going to be holding a special photo shoot prior to these two games. Our marketing interns will be making their way through the parking lots and the stands to select the biggest Brewers fans to come get their photos taken. Our goal is to continue to build upon our library of fan shots. If you’re selected, there is a chance that you may turn up in one of our advertisements or on our collateral!

And… since we love our loyal readers, we’re giving you a special opportunity!

If you are going to be at one of these games, please e-mail me at BY NOON CST TOMORROW (Saturday, September 11) and let me know which game you are attending and why I should choose you!

I will be selecting three blog readers to get their pictures taken at this shoot and I will respond to you with instructions on where to meet me and what you need to do. Not only is there a chance that you may turn up in our future advertising efforts or collateral, but I will make sure I post your photo from the shoot on the blog in the coming weeks!

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully, meeting some of you this weekend!



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