Smile! 2010 Brewers Team Picture Wrap Up

Remember when you were on your Little League team and it was photo day?  You always made sure that your uniform was crisp and clean.  Big Leaguers go through the same thing.  Yesterday was Team Photo day for the Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park as Brewers players, coaches and field staff put on their best for the 41st Brewers Team Photo, a photo that will go down in the history books like the previous 40 photos. 

For some Brewers, the Team Photo is old hat, they know the drill and have been through it before.  For others, it marked another Major League first.  It was the first Major League Team photo for Brewers rookies Lorenzo Cain and Jonathan Lucroy.  It was the first full day as a Brewer for Chris Dickerson who found himself in a Brewers uniform late Monday night following his acquisition from the Reds.

The team photo was scheduled for 3:15 p.m. and here are some of my behind-the-scenes shots of what happened during the photo session.


Thumbnail image for Video 30 0 00 03-09.jpgEveryday, the coaches post the schedule for the day.  As you can see here, the schedule includes the Team Picture at 3:15.


Video 29 0 00 01-19.jpgMedia Relations Director Mike Vassallo writes an additional reminder to players about the Team Photo.  He is ensuring that all players are wearing the white uniforms along with the blue long sleeve undershirts.  We sure heard it from the everyone about making them wear long sleeves on a hot and humid August afternoon. 


Video 31 0 00 02-02.jpgWhile outside on the field, Brewers Team Photographer Scott Paulus (left) works with his two assistants in preparing the field for the Team Photo.  Yesterday marked Paulus’ “8th or 9th” team photo, he couldn’t remember.


Video 32 0 00 00-01.jpgSoon, these chairs and bleachers will be filled with the 2010 Milwaukee Brewers. The Miller Park Grounds Crew sets up the bleachers and chairs.


Video 35 0 00 06-26.jpg
Video 36 0 00 00-12.jpgThe players file in as Paulus directs them where to go.


Video 38 0 01 02-13 (2).jpgTrevor Hoffman invited me up for the team photo, but I didn’t make the final cut.


Video 36 0 00 06-09.jpgDave Bush offered me his hat so I would fit in better for the photo.  It didn’t work, I stuck out like a sore thumb.


Video 38 0 02 08-02.jpgRandy Wolf was cracking a lot of jokes throughout the photo session, he was definitely on a roll Tuesday afternoon.  Wolf also won the “Last One Out For the Team Photo Award” given annually by the Media Relations Department for the player or staff member who is the last person to join the Team Photo. 


Video 38 0 04 25-15.jpg“Are we done yet!?”  The entire process took about ten minutes.  Not bad for gathering and organizing 45 people!


Video 38 0 03 37-18.jpgPaulus making sure he has a great shot.  Again, Wolf looks like he is up to no good.


Video 38 0 04 33-10.jpgA little preview of what fans might see on Fan Appreciation Night when they receive their 2010 Team Photo Cards.  Nobody looks like they are blinking!


Here is a little bit of the video that I shot during the team photo:




Another successful Team Photo in the books!  Thanks to the players, coaches, staff, Scott Paulus and the Miller Park Grounds Crew for their help in making sure it was a painless operation.  Everything went well yesterday and I cannot wait to see the finished product. 




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