Keeping Score in High Definition

When it comes to sports, there is nothing like the game on the field to get me excited.  But there are a couple of other things in sports that have always interested me: uniforms, logos, stadiums and scoreboards.  When I visit a stadium or arena for the first time, one of the first things I like to check out is the scoreboard.  Each and every scoreboard is unique in its own way and Miller Park will be no different come next season.


Here is what the scoreboard will look like with full video.  Use the retired numbers on the ring of the roof to put the size of the new board in perspective. 


The Brewers will enter the “high definition era” in 2011 with their scoreboard that will make fans feel as if they are enjoying the action from their living room.  The new scoreboard will measure 5,940 square feet.  Compare that to the current 1,296 square foot video board and 2,432 square foot black and white matrix board, and we are talking a huge upgrade.

Next season, Miller Park will be home to the third-largest scoreboard in Major League Baseball.  The only larger scoreboards will be Kansas City’s Kauffman Stadium (8,900 square feet) and Phoenix’s Chase Field (6,200 square feet).

Milwaukee-Brewers-Left-Fiel.pngHere is a look at the scoreboard from down the left field line featuring in-game “panels” that provide various statistical information during the game.  The full color will make many of the stats really pop. 

Also, Miller Park will be home to the third, true 1080, high definition scoreboard in baseball and only the fifth in existence in all major sports venues in the United States.  The others include Yankee Stadium and Target Field in MLB, Cowboys Stadium, home of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys and American Airlines Center, home to the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks.  I have seen the scoreboards at Cowboys Stadium and American Airlines Center in person and both are absolutely stunning.  The HD experience in-stadium is second to none; it really is comparable to your HD set at home, crystal clear graphics and replays.

The new Miller Park scoreboard will measure approximately 54 high by 110 feet wide.  To put it in perspective, let’s say you walked into your local electronics store and wanted to buy a flat screen television the same size as the Miller Park scoreboard.  You know, how it goes, your buddy gets a 52-inch screen so you need to get a 54-inch screen.  Well, if you wanted a flat screen the same size as the one at Miller Park, you would have to ask for a 1,470-inch screen.  That comes out to 122 feet 6 inches measured diagonally.  That is quite the big screen. 

Daktronics Inc. will design, manufacture and install the scoreboard with Mortenson Construction of Wisconsin serving as General Contractor.  The scoreboard project will also include renovations and upgrades to parts of the Miller Park audio system as the stadium’s video and audio consultant, Wrightson, Johnson, Haddon and Williams is working on the project.

Every year during the Brewers offseason, the team works hard to keep Miller Park up to date.  It is hard to believe that this is already the tenth season that the team has played here and yet it seems like yesterday President George Bush and Commissioner  Bud Selig were on hand to open the new park.  The scoreboard will be a great improvement to the fan experience at Miller Park and one that every fan will be able to appreciate for many years to come.

Here are some numbers on the new scoreboard:

– Currently the video board features 133,624 pixels.  The new board will have a staggering 2,358,720, an increase in resolution of 18 times.

– It would take nearly 1,500 37-inch flat panel televisions to fill the area of the new scoreboard

– The technology involved in the scoreboard–called Daktronics HD-15–allows the capability of 4.4 trillion shades of color (Can you even imagine 4.4 trillion colors!?  I remember going to grade school and being overwhelmed with my box of 64 crayons!)

– Daktronics has installed scoreboards in 26 of the 30 MLB stadiums and worked with the Brewers on the LED ribbon boards and out of town scoreboards installed in 2006

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