One Step Closer To Spring Training

So if you live in Milwaukee it’s pretty obvious to you that our weather the last couple of days was pretty rough.  Snow, cold, wind, you get the idea–we even had an earthquake last night!  With all that, there is one thing that gets everyone through the long winter: the thought of the upcoming baseball season.  Maryvale Baseball Park will be the Brewers home for the next seven weeks and it officially began today with the packing and departure of the equipment truck.

We came one step closer to the start of baseball season today as the second equipment truck was packed up and departed for Phoenix, Arizona where the weather is a little bit more welcoming (it’s 60 and cloudy today and according to my trusty iPhone app, highs will reach into the mid-70s this weekend).

The equipment truck departure has become somewhat of an event.  We invite the cameras from local television stations and have the World Famous Klement’s Racing Sausages help with the packing of the truck (they go to Spring Training because they also need to be in shape for the long season).  It really is a fun day.  It kind of gives people around here at Miller Park a sigh of relief that we are ready to go.

The clubhouse crew who is left in Milwaukee, Matt Smith, Alex Sanchez and Ben Wilkes help organize and oversee the loading of the truck.  The rest of the Brewers Clubhouse staff, Tony Migliaccio, Phil Rozewicz and Jason Shawger have been in Phoenix for about two weeks handling the arrival of the first equipment truck, setting up for Spring Training and helping with Brewers Fantasy Camp.  Everything we would need to run our operation here is sent down to Arizona on the equipment truck.  Bats, balls, shoes, medical supplies, files, uniforms, practice gear, office supplies, bobbleheads–we want to make our operation in Arizona run as smoothly down there as it does here at Miller Park. 

The front office staff packs personal items on the truck as well.  Since I really don’t wear short sleeves much during the Wisconsin winter, I always pack a trunk full of them.  I also like to put some other clothes and supplies on the truck just so I’m comfortable when I arrive in Phoenix.

The truck left Miller Park around 1 p.m. today and is set to arrive in Phoenix on Sunday.  When it arrives, the clubhouse crew in Phoenix will unpack the truck and prepare for the first wave of players and coaches to report next week.

I will begin to post regular updates to the blog upon my arrival in Phoenix on Wednesday.  I have a Spring Training travelers guide coming as well as daily updates from camp.  Until then, I will try and enjoy the snow for one more week.




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