Brewers Announce Changes For Miller Park in 2010

Like we said in our first post, there is action 365 days a year here at Miller Park.  Construction has already started on a number of these offseason Miller Park ballpark improvements.  Here is a sneak peak of some of those changes and improvements that the Brewers announced today.

Terrace Store - Axon.jpgThe “Brewers Team Store on the Terrace Level” will be updated to mirror the award-winning “Team Store by Majestic” on the Field Level.  New lighting, store fixtures and an updated floor design will greet fans.  The store will be open during home games when Miller Park gates are open.

Not every fan will be able to see this, but Brewers players will be greeted each day with an updated clubhouse entrance.  A fresh coat of paint and new carpeting will be among the improvements in the home clubhouse.  Pavilion1.jpg

In the right field corner of the Field Level outside of Miller Park, the team is constructing a Plaza Pavilion.  It involves upgrading the existing smoking area into an outdoor gathering location.  Fans will be able to enjoy the game with televisions and purchase food and beverage from stands located throughout the Pavilion.

Braves Wall of Honor.jpg

I’m a huge history buff and love reading about baseball history.  The updated Milwaukee Braves Wall of Honor will include new plaques, artwork, lighting and photo banners celebrating the National League team that called Milwaukee home from 1953 to 1965.  I think it is important that the Brewers don’t forget the team that preceded them and this will be a welcome update to Miller Park.

Continuing on the history trend, the parking lots surrounding Miller Park will be renamed in honor of some of Milwaukee’s baseball legends.  Twelve lots around Miller Park will be adorned with the names of former Milwaukee Brewers and Braves Playesr with banners and other artwork notating the new designations.  Included in the list are Henry Aaron, Cecil Cooper, Rollie Fingers, Jim Gantner, Harvey Kuenn, Eddie Mathews, Paul Molitor, Don Money, Warren Spahn, Gorman Thomas, Bob Uecker and Robin Yount.

Here is the updated Miller Park parking lot map:

The “Uecker Lot” will include a special twist for fans that I think is going to be really popular.  Each game, 10 spaces will be reserved in “Uecker’s Front Row.” Attendants in the lots will select 10 cars paying cash for general parking at random to move up to the front row of the Uecker Lot for only $1.  There will be a special row of decorated “Uecker’s Front Row” parking spaces reserved for these randomly selected fans.  When that project is finished, I will be sure to post pictures.



I love the idea of the “Uecker Front Row”.
Great idea that can be a instant status symbol for the fans( at random..wink, wink).
Seriously, I love that idea.
Always great when the team changes the appearance of things with the fans in mind.
The Wall of Honor upgrade sounds amazing, and the Team Store upgrades sound like an experience all its own.
Looking forward to see your photos in the future of the Uecker Row.
Great post.

Rays Renegade

Stands back from the kbyeaord in amazement! Thanks!

Walking in the persncee of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

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